Tray Little is a rapper, producer and influencer born in Detroit, MI. Tray is growing in his social media influence, with over 1.1 Million followers on TIkTok.

Tray was born to a teenager mother and lost his father four years later due to gun violence. He grew up in the streets as a result, and his life trajectory seemed to be going towards destruction. Tray knew he was meant more more and discovered his purpose at the age of 15. He embraced his calling to be a musician and positive influence in this world by defying the odds and being an example of resistance and resilience.

Tray’s music ranges from gritty, honest, and raw sound to pop, reflecting the city he’s from and his energetic personality. Tray also brings a lot of energy to his performances locally and around the world. He focuses on giving back to his community and inspiring youth through speaking and performing at local schools. Tray wants every child to know they deserve to live out their full life potential, even if they have to grow it from the ashes.

Over the last few years, Tray has traveled and shared the stage with well-known artists around the country, featuring in sold-out shows and festivals as large as 30,000 people. Tray has been featured on a majority of local Detroit news headlines as well as national press from MSNBC for his social justice work in Detroit leading peaceful protests. He continues to shine as an example of artistic excellence and community involvement, uplifting everyone with him along the way.