Kodi Lee Americas Got Talent Golden Buzzer Reaction Was My Biggest Video!

After making around 280 videos, I made a video that hit 40,000 views and would take my Youtube Channel to the next level.

I spent day after day creating videos trying to grow my channel and give my followers some good content. I always wanted to make a video that would go past a few hundred or thousands of views and it happened.

When I seen this video of Kodi I was blown away by how talented he is despite his setbacks. The video moved me so I knew reacting to it would move others.

I learned that Youtubing wasn't just about making a few videos and giving up after not getting any views.

I had to created videos daily to find one that will hit and connect with people.

This video was an honest reaction and I made a comment that triggered people to comment tons of negative feedback. I wasn't use to this but realized that if I wanted a video to go far I had to learn how to deal with the frustration of viewers.

I also believe that the negative comments helped the video.

I thought about deleting the video because the comments gave me anxiety.

I decided to push though and just nicely respond to everyone.

What I learned

I learned to keep creating daily .

I learned to just focus on creating good content.

I learned to make videos based off what moved me.

Finally I learned that success and growth comes with resistants.

I want to end by saying Kodi is a dope musician and he will continue to inspire many.

I love what he's doing and i'm inspired by him and get chills when I hear him sing.

His instagram page liked a remix that I made of his golden buzzer video. I was encouraged to see that.

Thanks for reading my first blog post!

Check out my Kodi Lee reaction video here"

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