TikTok Is Blowing Up My Career!

TikTok has changed my career for the best! Before I joined the platform I worked really hard creating content on other social media platforms every day, staying up late putting out consistent content. 

Due to the decline of organic reach on other social media platforms, videos that I had performing at Arenas only got hundreds of views meanwhile I was performing in front of tens and thousands of people in the videos.

As a full-time artist and stay at home dad it became very difficult to grow my platform due to the decline of reach on social media. TikTok came along and changed it all for me. I had a page since Musically but it really didn’t go anywhere until I decided to take it serious and start posting consistently.

People like Gary Vaynerchuk talked about the importance of getting on platforms early before it became oversaturated by users. About four weeks ago I started posting about eight videos a day and I went from 600 followers to 34,000 followers in about four weeks. I cracked my first million views in about two weeks. I am grateful for TikTok because it’s allowed me to have the voice that I’ve been looking for on social media platforms.

I recently was able to do an interview with one of the leading hip-hop marketing brands talking about my TikTok growth. I’ve also gotten attention from influencers that I couldn’t get a response from in the past. People started to reach out to me and ask me questions about TikTok. To add to that I’ve been receiving donations from my followers by going live. Also I was at a local park in Detroit with my son when a group of kids from the middle school across from the park came up to me and recognized me from TikTok.

I am going to continue to invest a lot of time and energy into growing my TikTok platform because it’s providing a lot of opportunities for me. I’m hoping to eventually get verified and continue to build my brand as big as it can be on TikTok. I highly recommend everyone to get on as soon as they can no matter how old they are or no matter what their business is, anyone can grow on the platform from Teachers, Policeman, Firefighters, and Construction workers.

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